Critical illness insurance plan benefits: Jessica’s Story


Jessica is a wife and mother that beat cancer.  

Instead of stressing over medical bills, she was able to focus on her treatment thanks to her critical illness insurance plan inside of her life insurance. 

The critical illness insurance rider inside of Jessica’s life insurance policy paid her a lump sum of cash to eliminate the financial stress.

This new type of life insurance is called living benefits life insurance.

In this brief post, I will explain the benefits of having a critical illness insurance plan inside of your life insurance.

Benefits of a critical illness insurance plan

If diagnosed with one of the qualifying critical illnesses you can receive a lump sum of cash up to $1,000,000 of your death benefit amount.

Now, there are three main living benefits this lump sum of money can help you with.

  1. Replace your income
  2. Pay for what health insurance doesn’t cover
  3. Get the best care

Replace your income

replace income with critical illness insurance plan

See, most people forget that when you are receiving care and trying to beat cancer you are not focused on working.

Now, if you are not working how are you going to pay the mortgage?

Some people sell their assets, tap into their retirement or even borrow money from family.

Dr. David Himmelstein, MD, stated in a clinical research study with the American Journal of Medicine that over 62% of all bankruptcies have a medical cause.

critical illness insurance plan quote

It’s almost like you have to go broke trying to survive.

So, with your income going down and your expenses going up how do you maintain your family’s lifestyle?

This is where the critical illness insurance rider comes into play.

With a huge lump sum of cash up to $1,000,000 of your death benefit, you can instantly replace your income.

This is very important as other critical illness plans like AFLAC’s cancer indemnity plan will only reimburse you for specific medical expenses.

With the critical illness payout, you can pay the mortgage, pay your car payments, and any other personal bills.

Now that all your personal bills are taken care of you can focus on your treatment instead of stressing about money.


Pay for what health insurance doesn’t cover

health insurance costs covered by your critical illness insurance rider

If you were diagnosed with cancer or had a heart attack today, how much would your health insurance cover?

You have doctor visit expenses, medications, treatments and much more.

Your health insurance generally has a deductible, which is a payment that you make before you can use your health insurance.

Then you will have to pay the difference of your co-insurance, a percentage of the costs up to an annual and lifetime max.

In addition, there are medication costs and preset prices for specific treatments.

Even if you have top-tier health insurance, you would still have to pay around 20 percent of all costs.

Check this out. 

According to American Society of Clinical Oncology newly approved cancer drugs cost an average of $10,000 per month, with some therapies topping $30,000 per month.

And patients typically pay 20 to 30 percent out of pocket for drugs, so an average year’s worth of new drugs would cost $24,000 to $36,000 in addition to other expenses PLUS your health insurance premiums.

Now, with a lump sum of cash, you can use that money to help pay for whatever health insurance doesn’t cover.

And by having this money those medical bills won’t stack up.

This should help you sleep easier at night knowing the financial stress has been eliminated. 

Get the best care

critical illness insurance will allow you to have the best doctors

When I speak with clients I generally say that a critical illness insurance plan can get you celebrity care. 

I say this because most celebrities generally have the money and connections to get the best doctors and treatment.

Think about it.

If you got diagnosed with cancer and then you received a check for $750,000, what would you do?

Would you worry about what doctors are in your network?


You would look for the best clinics to receive the best treatment money could buy.

That is why having a critical illness insurance rider inside of your life insurance plan can be so powerful.

Yes, it can replace your income.

Yes, it can pay for whatever health insurance doesn’t cover.

But in my opinion, getting the best care is the most important benefit that a critical illness insurance plan can provide.



So, in conclusion, Jessica was able to beat cancer by focusing on her treatment. 

Not stressing over medical bills.

She was able to spend time with her family and get back to living life. 

Now, we can’t prevent cancer or other illnesses but we can be better prepared.

To learn more about what illnesses are covered please set up a free insurance review.

Or, to learn how the critical illness rider pays you the money check out this post on what is life insurance with living benefits.

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